Okay,On its saying we have a password leak and guess what :)?


don’t listen to them and owners don’t lie and they even said we don’t keep them on a file or something like that…

Don’t get scared it’s not true..

Love bexie

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Seether and connor

On my last post i said i dont really know Seether..
but he is sooo cool i saw him on iCpps and hes soo cool

Connor is just awsome :}

but so is seether… 😀

i love the owners there the BEST”

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this is iCpps blog…

iCpps is the best iCpps the owners are amazing but these ones are the best out of ALLLLLLLL cpps

Seether is cool but hardly talked to him so i will post about him soon 🙂

Connor he is the coolest I talked to him in old iCpps and hes the best i’m glad hes a owner he is awsome!

This iCpps will get far!

Love Bexie

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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